All about values!

ARTofFLIGHT was started in early 2019 by me, Laura, as a small Etsy shop selling wall hangings and a few patterns. Now a fully fledged business, the brands aims are to provide high quality fibre arts and supplies to UK customers.

I want my customers to see that my business is an extension of me, and hence, aligning the brands values with my own is very important to me. Here at ARTofFLIGHT all my handmade designs are made by me with love and care and an eye for symmetry and style. The supplies I sell are manufactured in the UK as I feel it's very important right now to support the UK economy. I can also ensure that all my packaging is pastic free and you can either use it again or put it all in recycling. The world and the environment are at a crisis point right now and there are no excuses for not taking responsibility to minimise the use of single use plastic in this day and age. I'm sure these are values you agree with and I'll thank you in advance for your custom. 

About me!

I've never really had a passion before and like most people, pick up new hobbies from time to time but they all eventually fall by the wayside. But, my God, did the macrame bug hit me like a wrecking ball! Seriously, I can't really explain how I even got started but it's become an obsession and my everyday way of expressing my creativity. Every project is an opportunity for me to immerse myself in pretty fibres and tune out all the daily stresses. I suppose it's a form of therapy and helps me relax. The sense of achievement when you make something so pretty just makes me happy. I guess it's my 'thing', and I like having a 'thing'. so, I got serious about my 'thing' and started up ARTofFLIGHT. 

Inevitably, I've branched out into exploring other types of fibre arts such as weaving, which has only fueled my fibre obsession! The availability of colours, textures and fibres is like a bottomless treasure trove in which I'm perfectly happy to get lost!

Some of my favourite makes are eagles and flowers. I like making unique pieces which are detailed and time consuming! Perhaps because they give me the biggest sense of achievement. 

I think it's really important to have something for yourself. I am a mother, partner, home maker, teacher, and sometimes I can feel spread out too thin while trying to be everything to everyone. But, I refuse to feel any guilt in making time for myself. I think it helps keep you balanced and generally makes you a more content and interesting person. Sometimes we can lose ourselves when we 'grow up'. So, I'm taking something back for myself and I'm happier than I've ever been!

This is my fibre journey. I hope youll join me for a ride! L x 



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